Safety Management

according to CSM regulation 402/2013, EN 13849, EN 50126, IEC 61508, ISO 26262 or SIRF

Safety Management occurs in many areas of our lives and is becoming increasingly important – but what does it mean?

There are various standards or guidelines that deal with this topic. In the railroad sector, the CSM Regulation 402/2013 (Common Safety Method), the EN 50126 or the SIRF (Safety guidelines Rolling Stock) play an important role. In the machinery sector, EN 13849 and IEC 61508 are important standards, and in the automotive sector, ISO 26262. 

Many companies find the application of these standards or directives challenging, as the amount of information and requirements seems very large and identification with the contents is difficult. Difficulties often arise even with the basic requirements.

Many companies have not implemented a safety plan, which is an elementary component for compliance with the standards. Further down the line, companies need to avoid potential hazards to their system that they want to bring to market and reduce risks. This system can range from a single component to a complete vehicle. It is important to remember that the manufacturer is also responsible for its subcontractors.

In many cases, safety management is forgotten or important safety objectives and requirements are not fully implemented. This can lead to high costs that have not been factored in. 

To avoid this and to support you in implementing the safety management process that is right for you, we offer two different variants:

Safety Manager

Are you looking for someone who can take over certain tasks for you from your safety process?

Our consulting helps you to create the Safety Plan, which contains the planning of all safety activities and the project-specific tailoring of the safety lifecycle based on the Safety Requirements. Furthermore, you receive support in identifying and evaluating the hazards and risks potentially created by the intended function. We also ensure the coordination and tracking of all safety-related activities in the project with advice to your developers on the implementation of the safety requirements. If necessary, we can assist you in coordinating with developers of external systems or your suppliers. Finally, we work with you to create a safety case.

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Support in developing your employees into safety managers

You have an ongoing project and you want to build up one or more employees to Safety Manager? However, you do not have the necessary capacity to do so.

We offer you to accompany your employees in an ongoing project during the implementation of the safety process according to the CSM regulation, EN 13849, EN 50126, ISO 26262, SIRF or IEC 61508. In doing so, we support your employees in the implementation of your safety process. Should you not have a safety process in place, we will define the right safety process for you in consultation with you by accompanying your employees. If during the implementation there is a need for further assistance with certain tasks, we will also take over task packages and handle them for you.

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